Sellers on Amazon in Europe can choose from five different marketplaces to sell from. The most popular Amazon marketplace in Europe is Amazon UK, where most European sellers have listed their products. An analysis of Amazon in Europe shows other interesting findings.

The analysis was done by Marketplace Pulse, which monitors over 11 million sellers in 23 global marketplaces. It gathered data from the five marketplaces Amazon is operating in Europe: UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy. These countries are close enough for sellers to be operating in several marketplaces. And that’s something that happens a lot, the study shows.

Most sellers are selling their products on Amazon UK. In Spain for example, two thirds of Amazon sellers also sell their products in the UK. And there are 6,600 sellers in Europe who sell their stuff on all five European Amazon marketplaces. At the end, Amazon UK is the most popular marketplace, with 60,893 active sellers.

Amazon helps European sellers with fulfillment

Amazon has built infrastructure, the European Fulfilment Network, to allow sellers to send their inventory to one warehouse and then offer it to all marketplaces. And the Pan-European FBA distributes products in Europe instead of having sellers to send products to all countries themselves. But while Amazon takes care of fulfillment in Europe, sellers still need to do their own translation and optimization for each country.

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