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If your company isn’t already established in the digital world and making cross-border EU sales, you’re losing out on a massive potential market. Make the most of new opportunities in Europe by getting to know a trustworthy partner.

  • Growth proof organization

  • Cross border development

  • Funding and acquisitions

  • Trustworthy party to represent you

Do you find yourself looking at a European sales opportunity without seeing the way to maximise its potential for your company?

Looking at what is needed for you to get into the best position for growth. Creating an international, scalable, cost-friendly structure for the future. Focusing on people, procedures, systems and strategic partnership.

Stef van Boekel

We loved working with Stef! In the first meeting he gave us some invaluable tips that immediately impacted our bottom line. Stef helped Social Marketing Doctors to better position our company to attract the right international prospects. He evaluated – and helped us to improve – various business strategies. We have now successfully implemented future proof growth plans and are already reaping the benefits of our collaboration, although we still have quite some homework on our plates ;-). Working with Stef is 100% recommendable!

Nicoline Maes, N.V. Bossche Investerings Maatschappij (BIM)

Stef was a great colleague with a lot of experience in the field of business and brand development. E.g. with his support we build successful online shop. Altogether with his professional customer acquisition and sophisticated insight business strategy we have grown quickly on an international level. He has an excellent helicopter view and takes the needed decisions and actions. I enjoyed the work with him and learned very much. He has a great character, is humorous and has professional manners. Stef is someone, who knows how to build a successful future.

Frantisek Cik, Finanzbuchhalter

I was doing business with Stef for 3 years in Groupon Sweden (Stef’s company was an international partner to Groupon), in a good effective partnership. Our goal was to make win win solutions in everything we did, for both parties, to make sure that our common customers got the best experience of our services. I would like to recommend Stef for his creative and loyal way of doing business.

Mark Nidefelt, Fyndiq Marketplace

If you want to go cross-border with your e-commerce business, talk with Stef. He is dedicated to put his knowledge and network at work to let your business succeed.

Jasper Schrijver, Entrepreneur

I have been working with Stef on different projects to help our Asian clients/companies to establish their business in Europe. One of the projects that we worked together is to offer a suitable logistics solution and bonded warehouse services for our clients. Stef has used his expertise and professional networks to work out all details with the service providers, and delivered a complete solution to the client who is happy with the service offer.

Stef has wide experiences in various logistics process, and he is familiar with European e-Commerce business. It is a pleasure to work with Stef, I like his professionalism and deliver what he promised.

Debbie Kwan, EUGateway

I got to know Stef as a dedicated hard worker, achieving results by passion. Clear in communication and with a realistic view.

Edwin Hanssen, Lake Resort Interlaken AG Oberried

During an IT consulting project, I have experienced Stef as a passionate, honest and nice person, with a lot of knowledge within his own business. It was very interesting and challenging for me to work for him and his company. Stef is the kind of customer you want to work for.

Elwin Albert, Entrepreneur

I’ve spent a lot of time with Stef in my years at SvB, from which I’ve got to know him as a great guy. Besides being good company, Stef is easily recognisable as a passionate entrepreneur who has a remarkable sense of integrity.

Rens van Dongen, iWelcome

Stef is a born salesperson. His ability to pass on his enthusiasm is incredible. We always worked together in the Business Development field and managed to be very successful. Stef is honest, direct from the heart and very dedicated.

Remco Muzerie, internet4u

I Know Stef for more than ten years now and I could say one thing about him most definitely, he is a performer! Stef is a multi-skilled and proactive professional who’s generating income is a natural consequence for someone focusing primarily on quality and new business opportunities. He knows that the key factors for success are to think ahead of the competitors and to pay attention to innovation and details. He has an outstanding interpersonal skills, knows the daily deal market and has an eye for spotting emerging trends. Stef is strategic task-oriented, takes initiative and identifies & develop new business opportunities. He consistently finds ways to improve his processes and make the team work more efficiently. For example he and his team of goal getters created a state of the art software system that offer businesses solutions to customer commercial services. Stef is a person who is 100% reliable and always a lot of fun to work with. He never lets others down and always keeps his promise. That’s why I surely recommend him for future opportunities.

Tim Jansen MSc RA, Trivent accountants en belastingadviseurs

Super goal-oriented and efficient, both a coach and mentor, that is Stef. Stef has been working with us for half a year to roll out Stoerrr-Kids Concepts internationally. Stef has analyzed the entire process from request for a quotation to bringing in the assignment. Purposefully and efficiently, we have taken steps to improve this process together. I am impressed by the way in which Stef managed to find the bottlenecks and to convert them into an approach that suits us. We have quickly taken steps to generate business outside Dutch borders. Stef listens, acts businesslike and ensures the right course. With him in your team you are always one step ahead of the competition

Koen Crommentuijn, Studio Stoerrr

Companies I Work For

Brands, retailers, and wholesalers that benefit most from my services
are companies active in non-food consumer markets.

What business are you in?

Turn up your Business Growth with tailormade interventions and roadmaps

Our Services

Growth Proof Infrastructure

The basic physical systems of your business determine its strength, economic growth, and prosperity. Developing your current organisation or outsourcing for desired expertise, quality, and manpower establishes your international operation as your company centres on local desires and expectations.

FOCUS: People, procedures, systems, and strategic partnerships.

Margin optimization by developing B2C channels

Margins are maximized through direct B2C channels on an international level. This increases the power of your organization. Open local and international marketplaces such as Amazon, and establishing direct sales through an international webshop form the basis of this service. For organizations extending their B2C capabilities into more than one country.

FOCUS: International sales through a webshop and marketplaces.

Acquisition, funding, and partnerships

Capital creates growth. Within this service, initiative is taken to attract smart capital, working capital, or an acquisition. Working closely with my growing network of investors, I consider the specific variables related to your business and your entrepreneurial vision. Then tailor-make a roadmap and interventions to match your desires, company, product, market and position.

I understand what an investor wants, and can communicate with investors on their level. To date I have a 100% success rate in finding the right partner through my selection process.

FOCUS: Using capital and outside knowledge to grow your company.

Combination of all services

There is no limit to the growth potential of a company with a successful product, known market, known CPO, a growth plan, and scalable infrastructure. Through applying a combination of the services I offer, your company’s value is raised and this will provide an interesting model for investors. By developing your company in a holistic way, it becomes geared for increased sales.

FOCUS: A full spectrum 360° approach to your company’s growth.

I will help you create a stable and scalable infrastructure – with a 360° approach to mapping your growth

Cases and Result

Let the results speak of our ability to establish any business in the European market





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