Europe is the 2th smallest continent of the world. But one of the most interesting places.
Due the variety of 51 countries, 24 officially recognized languages and a +740 million people.
Business wise one of the most interesting places. With just 11% of the total world population, Europe is responsible for 20% of the world economics. Furthermore it is known because of the strong infrastructure, the overall high education, +85% has access to the internet and strong average spending per person.  Europe has a perfect climate for business.


License consulting
Congratulations you have a unique concept or product. Within this service I will help build your network of license holders or distributors.


You are a manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor with the ambition to expand your network in Europe, then working with a distributor per region or country is a common strategy.
My job is to find the right distributors for your product per region. From introduction until closing the exclusive agreement I will handle this operation.


You have developed unique software, app or business concept. Then duplicating this success is a great way to create leverage and grow in new markets.  You need local entrepreneurs with the experience and network to create sales in the designated region. On your behalf I will search for the right candidates.


Sales Strategy

A unique product unfortnately does not mean revenue. Within this service I can eveluate your strategy for the European market and help finetune it. If requested by the entrepreneur, I can partner up and take the responsibility for setting up the commercial part of the business.

Outsourcing operation
Within this service, I will be the representative of your company and get the right strategic partners for you to have an efficient & professional operation within Europe.


Storage, fulfilment and logistics
You want a trustworthy partner that handles the operation from a to z.
Keeping in mind the European service level and a fit with your company and product is the goal.


Multilingual customer support
Professional support is the key for long term position within the European market.
You need a partner that wants to get to know your product, understands the local customer and works efficient.


Administration & backoffice
Full service, from setting up your company until tax declarations. The quality of the average professional in Europe is high, as long as they understand your market.

Business development
This service is used when you want to start with building revenue


Market research
A concrete evaluation report . Subjects such as: competitors, price index, operational challenges, local habits, keyword strategy and more.


Representing your brand
Everything set to start up the sales, then it is time to take action. When you need 1 person or a sales team, contact me.


Introduction & leads
Use this service when you want to start up the conversation with potential customers.
I will provide the agenda with quality appointments. Your job is to close the deal.


Open marketplaces
Amazon, eBay are the known marketplaces. In Europe there are several important more.
On every expected marketplace your product will have a position, that is my job.


04About the founder:
Gladly I would like to further introduce myself.
For the last 10 years I have been active within leading and executives roles of sales.
During this time I have lived and worked in 5 countries, developing new markets and exploiting new services and products to their maximum potential. Europe is my playground and here I have built my network to create success. Offering my experience and network for entrepreneurs that have ambitions for the European market, that is for me the perfect way to continue within my passion for international business development.
I am here for you to get a place within the European market.
Sincerely yours,

Stef van Boekel

Contact information:

EU Business Development
Oranjesingel 76
6511 NZ Nijmegen
The Netherlands
phone: 0031681163949
Chamber of Commerce 65016483

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