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If your company isn’t already established in the digital world and making cross-border EU sales, you’re losing out on a massive potential market. Make the most of new opportunities in Europe by getting to know a trustworthy partner.

  • Growth proof organization

  • Cross border development

  • Funding and acquisitions

  • Trustworthy party to represent you

Do you find yourself looking at a European sales opportunity without seeing the way to maximise its potential for your company?

Looking at what is needed for you to get into the best position for growth. Creating an international, scalable, cost-friendly structure for the future. Focusing on people, procedures, systems and strategic partnership.

Stef van Boekel

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Companies I Work For

Brands, retailers, and wholesalers that benefit most from my services
are companies active in non-food consumer markets.

What business are you in?

Turn up your Business Growth with tailormade interventions and roadmaps

Our Services

Growth Proof Infrastructure

The basic physical systems of your business determine its strength, economic growth, and prosperity. Developing your current organisation or outsourcing for desired expertise, quality, and manpower establishes your international operation as your company centres on local desires and expectations.

FOCUS: People, procedures, systems, and strategic partnerships.

Margin optimization by developing B2C channels

Margins are maximized through direct B2C channels on an international level. This increases the power of your organization. Open local and international marketplaces such as Amazon, and establishing direct sales through an international webshop form the basis of this service. For organizations extending their B2C capabilities into more than one country.

FOCUS: International sales through a webshop and marketplaces.

Acquisition, funding, and partnerships

Capital creates growth. Within this service, initiative is taken to attract smart capital, working capital, or an acquisition. Working closely with my growing network of investors, I consider the specific variables related to your business and your entrepreneurial vision. Then tailor-make a roadmap and interventions to match your desires, company, product, market and position.

I understand what an investor wants, and can communicate with investors on their level. To date I have a 100% success rate in finding the right partner through my selection process.

FOCUS: Using capital and outside knowledge to grow your company.

Combination of all services

There is no limit to the growth potential of a company with a successful product, known market, known CPO, a growth plan, and scalable infrastructure. Through applying a combination of the services I offer, your company’s value is raised and this will provide an interesting model for investors. By developing your company in a holistic way, it becomes geared for increased sales.

FOCUS: A full spectrum 360° approach to your company’s growth.

I will help you create a stable and scalable infrastructure – with a 360° approach to mapping your growth

Cases and Result

Let the results speak of our ability to establish any business in the European market





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